Dish accessories

Bell Universal Infra-red Remote


dish sd remote


UHF with Antenna. Universal HD/PVR Remote Control



Legacy lnb $14.99


DPdual $59.00


DPquad $79.00

combines the signal from 91°W & 82°W to one receiver

SW21 $14.99

combines 91°W & 82°W satellites & provides outputs for up to 4 receivers

SW44 $59.00

Connect up to four DISH Pro Plus receivers when each is used with a DP Plus Seperator

DP44 $149.99






DP plus separator


51 cm bell dish kit

DPP HD Ready $109.00

Dish Y-Adapter

Y bracket $9.99

50 rg6 connectors

RG6 connectors $19.99

RG6 coax-cable

25 cents a foot

Take your satellite dish with you on the road. Apartment or condo.

Tripod $89.00