Satellite Dish Waiver of Responsibility
Guidelines for Installation

* LA Satellite prohibits the installation of any satellite system and/or receiver without the clients consent. *

Therefore, a plan of action needs to be discussed with the technician prior to beginning the installation.​

Guidelines for Installation:

1. Installations must be at a location of the home where signal is available.

2. Installations must be on your own property. (If you are renting and approve the installation the customer takes responsibility of any modification or damage)

3. Installers must conceal the wiring as much as possible - that is, we do not like to see wiring running across the rooftops, over spouting, and down exterior walls. Your installer should try to bring the wire into the home at a location where the wiring will be relatively inconspicuous.

4. If you agree to a rooftop installation you will agree to all risks, including full responsibility for any damage or leaks resulting or related to this installation and/or removal of the dish.

5. Depending on where the line needs to be installed, the customer is fully responsible for any damage on the structure of the wall and is aware of the permanent line installed. The technician will ensure that the entry point is sealed properly before completed.

6. When you sell your home, you will be responsible for removal of the satellite dish. Again, for rooftop installations/removals, you will be responsible for all leaks and/or related damage when removing the dish.

Satellite Dish Waiver of Responsibility

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