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Canada’s Best Smart Home Security and Business Alarm Systems to keep families, homes and businesses safe and secure.

A little about us?

• L.A Satellite would like to help you stay safe with our smart home security system.

• For as low as $44.95 a month for basic intrusion wear, we can help you save money on staying safe.

• With Liberty security we strive each day to be the best providing smart home and business security across Canada since 2005.

Can i try it out?

For residential new client care, Liberty places you on a 7-day test period so customers can learn how to use their system, If during this time frame an intrusion alarm is received in the monitoring system, you and your contacts will be contacted before they set out for someone to go on the call, this is to avoid false alarms.

For only $44.95 a month you can get hooked up with liberty security systems AND receive $1400 off all intrusion wear! Security products can be found below!

Control Panel & Siren

The primary touchscreen panel provides you with complete control of your system. Two-way voice communication keeps you a split second away from monitoring station operators. Whatever the emergency, Voice Response allows our operators to gather timely information and provide an effective and appropriate response so the help you need is never far away.

Micro Door/Window Sensor

Can be used to protect anything that opens and closes (doors, windows, gun cabinet, jewelry case, liquor cabinet, harmful chemical cabinet, etc.)

Key Fob

Allows the convenience of being able to arm and disarm the alarm system without using the keypad.

Smoke/Heat Detector

Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector that also detects rapidly rising temperature rates and high temperatures over 57 degrees Celsius. Will activate the alarm system and alert authorities even when you are not home and when the system is not armed.

Motion Sensor

Sleep soundly with our motion detection technology. Protect your home’s interior with sensors that detect movements. These sensors can accommodate pets 40 pounds and under.

Glass Break Detector

Interior protection that detects the sound of broken glass. Can be used in an open room instead of a motion detector if large pets are in the house.

Flood Sensor

Detects water in the home and alerts you of flooding from items such as the sump pump, laundry room, or basement drain.

Freeze Sensor

Will notify you when the temperature in the home approaches 7 degrees Celsius so you can react quickly before the pipes freeze.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Detects poisonous carbon monoxide in the home and transmits that information to the monitoring station where authorities can be dispatched.

Smart Door Lock

No more turning back to make sure the doors are locked or rushing home to let someone in. Liberty makes it easy for you to lock or unlock a door from your smart phone or create a temporary lock access code for anyone who needs access to your property. You will be alerted immediately via text or e-mail when someone unlocks your door.

Smart Thermostat

It’s that much easier to have a Green home. Program a thermostat schedule that conforms home temperature to your preference and lifestyle.

Image Sensor

A combination motion sensor and still camera allows you to view a picture of who just came home, what caused an alarm, or provide a comforting portrait of your secure space.

Liftmaster Garage Module

Manage, monitor and control the garage door from anywhere via Liberty Live and eliminate the stress of wondering if it was left open. Users can also have alerts sent to a cell phone or email address if the garage door is left open for too long.

GSM Module

No need for a land line. A GSM is required for all interactive packages.

Lighting & Appliance Module

Create custom schedules and automatic, event-triggered lighting and power usage rules that are designed to fit your routines. With remote control from across the room or across the world, we offer a variety of light and appliance automation options for enhanced security and convenience, while also helping you save energy.

Indoor Camera

Monitor your home using the latest video camera solutions.

Video Doorbell Camera

See, hear and speak to the visitor at your door on the Liberty Live app no matter where your day takes you. The Video Doorbell helps customers prevent break-ins before they happen with motion detection, remote monitoring and cloud recording features.

Medical Pendant

Alert the monitoring station that you’re having a medical emergency at the press of a button.

Outdoor Camera

Monitor your home using the latest video camera solutions.

Touch Screen

Can be placed near a door or in the master bedroom allowing the system to be securely armed and disarmed with a code.

24/7 Video Recorder (SVR)

24/7 HD Recording with cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere.

Be sure to get the app for your new security system!