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With LA Satellite, we bring you four great services that can enrich your life and help you to learn, connect, and smile more. Ask us how we can help you today.

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Our internet packages all come with the option for unlimited monthly data and speeds of up to 50 Mbps. By providing LTE and satellite based internet we can get you hooked up no matter where you are!

Satellite TV

Our TV service is unique because we do a pick package system that allows your TV experience to be more streamline, cheaper, and better suited to your needs. With over 350 channels to choose from the options are unlimited.

Home Phone

Our Home Phone systems work through the WiFi so if you dont have landline cabling installed in your area, we can still get you connected! With unlimited calling Canada wide for $19.99, where can you go wrong?

Security Systems

We have wide array of security products to give you some peace of mind and keep what matters protected. Whether its for your business or for your home we have you covered.

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